The Call to Adventure 

Stargates Vol. II

Welcome to my site! I am a guitarist, keyboardist, and composer who creates instrumental, experimental, and cinematic music for solo piano, solo guitar, and piano and guitar with small ensembles. Many of my compositions are what I call "musical gates" or works which feature a strong sense of passing into an alien realm of mystery, wonder, and revelation. So far my recordings tend to be either (1) piano-based experimental world music which synthesizes Western ideas of harmony and song structure with Chinese and Japanese instruments and aesthetics and (2) experimental musical science fiction which utilizes electric guitars, synthesizers, and effects. Stargates Vol. I and II are my first explorations of musical sci-fi; my other six albums are experimental world music. All my albums are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many other sites. Please see "album notes" for more info on my recordings as well as links for purchasing or sampling. Enjoy!